Universal Language

The journey of 40 years to pursue the Universal Language:

“In life we often find ourselves searching hard in vain for something, but turn around and find it in the least expected place”. For forty over years, I embarked on a relentless pursuit in the search of a formal language of the metaphysical which I coined the “Universal Language”.
My chanced discovery in 1981, stunned me with a revelation – this Language I had searched so hard to find was ultimately founded on a set of pure and simple basic elements and stringing rules, yet together, expanded to produce the dazzling brilliance of an almost hellish resplendence, capable of representing the infinite complexities of the Universe.

1976 - UL version 1

1978 - UL version 2

1981 - UL version 3

1994 - UL version 4

The Formal Language of the Metaphysical

The publishing of "The Formal Language of the Metaphysical" and "I-Ching and the Formal Language of the Metaphysical" represents the completion of a stage of my efforts, since 1976, to search for an answer to this question.
In all these years, in order to find the answer, I read extensively into relevant areas of topology, geometry, physics, philosophy, archaeology, linguistics, architecture, space theories and I-Ching. Much effort and soul-searching was put into conceptualizing and re-designing of symbols; finding meanings behind wordings and structuring of forms. This publication is the result of my research efforts.

2008 - UL version 5

I believe that in this millennium, this Language will be our key communication tool as we search to understand the myriad of opportunities hidden in our Universe.

The journey of the Universal Language

From a dot tells the story of one man’s dream to scale the Everest of the mind, through his discovery of the Universal Language; a formal language of the metaphysical. Much of his research began from his adopted country Singapore, also colloquially called the Little Red Dot.
The soft copy can be downloaded via Dropbox
Quoting Archimedes, a Greek engineer and inventor who said “Give me a dot, and I will revolve the world” he explained the principle of the lever in moving heavy objects. A heavy weight in his own right, Sun Yu-li has placed Singapore on the art world map with his sculptures displayed in prominent places worldwide. Beyond his public persona as an artist, few know the personal story of Sun Yu-li. In his own words, Sun Yu-li shares about his formative years and highlights the significance of his parents’ role in igniting his love of nature, interest in art, and intellectual inspirations.
With influences from art, archaeology and oriental philosophy, Sun Yu-li has developed a simple yet profound perspective towards matters in the colourful world that we live in. Pursuing architecture as his major in university was by chance, but the chance proved to be the crucial turning point of Sun Yu-li’s life. How did this come about? In understanding the present, we first turn our lens to the past.
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