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from Sun Yu-li, Nov 27, 2007


Dear Friends,

It has always been my dream to bring art closer to people, and when hopefully more people appreciate my art, I can one day help to raise a fund to help the needy and the less fortunate.

I have taken a big step in that direction and am happy to inform that in conjunction with World Bank, China Development Marketplace Project (China DM), I have launched an exhibition of "Heaven and Earth" - a set of 3 sculptures at the China World Hotel lobby, Beijing from October 10-19, followed by the Kerry Centre, office lobby there after. If my work can be successfully sold, it will be a step closer to realising this dream of min

display @ China World Hotel, Beijing (Oct 10 - 19, 2007)

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display @ Kerry Center Office Lobby, Beijing (Oct 20, 2007 and there after)
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I want to express my thanks to World Bank China, Kerry Center Beijing , National Arts Council Singapore, China World Hotel Beijing, China World Trade Center, Beijing, Pudong Shangri-la, and Zais Solutions, USA, for their supports.

Recommendation Letter from Mr. David Dollar, Head, World Bank, China
Recommendation Letter from Mr. Frances Philips, Assistant Director, Visual Arts, National Arts Council, Singapore

Most importantly, I also want to thank you for your constant support and encouragement.

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