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from Sun Yu-li Dec, 2003

With Season's Greetings
from Sun Yu-li Dec 20, 2003

Mapping the Universe 2003
Back in Time

Exhibition : on site painting (10m x 10m)
Date : 12th to 31st, January 2004
Time : 10.00am to 6.00pm daily, open for public viewing
Venue : the Pavilion on the Square ( Far East Square)
32 Pekin Street, Singapore 048762

Contact : Tel: 63367188 for detail Email : sunyuli@pacific.net.sg

I still believe in the possibility of a model of reality- that is to say, of a theory which represents things themselves and not merely the possibility of their occurrence. Ideas and Opinion (p276), Einstein


Based on the Universal Language he discovered, Sun Yu-li will embark on his fourth attempt to “Map the Universe”. It is his way of expressing how a pair of conceptual and structural dots can expand, under a simple set of structural and transformational rules, into a complex picture which represents the Universe.

He has successfully completed this series of paintings three times- mapping the Solar System, the Milky Way, and the Black Hole in December 2000, 2001 and 2002 respectively.



Mapping The Universe 2002
Painting by Sun Yu-li
10m x 10m

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If life is a big stage, everyone can be said to be between the entrance and exit. In that case, Sun Yu-li’s thoughts and art strive to go beyond the entrance and exit to enter directly into the primeval, and reaching into the horizon. It is an endeavor to reveal the eternity of the universe, nature and man, to appreciate that glorious moment where heaven and man meet.

The “yin/yang” school of thought is the pinnacle of philosophy in Chinese culture. Be it the oriental art of Zen, Bohr’s theory of quantum mechanics, or Einstein’s theory of relativity, they are all intricately linked with the “yin/yang” theory. Perhaps it is the mutual inductance of yin and yang in the universe, which first led man to civilization, and similarly it will now inspire man back to a simple state of a higher order, towards the bright future.

In the West, Nietzsche (1844-1900) announced in a sorrowful voice “G-d is dead”. Soon after, many poets took the route of suicide to resolve the hopelessness of life. The late philosopher, Heidegger (1889-1976), then went about searching for “God’s hidden whereabouts”. With the industrial revolution sweeping the whole world, men began to indulge themselves in commercial matters, resulting in feelings of helplessness, loneliness, loss, and absurdity welling up spontaneously.

How then does one regain the meaning of life? How can one recover the powerful force of life’s origin? Are there any clues in the Eastern world?
Definitely - Sun Yu-li is the seeker.

Mr Sun Yu-li spent over twenty years of deep thinking, pondering over the yin/yang graphs (specifically the He-Tu and Luo-Shu) and topology (specifically the planar graph and its duel), to reveal the mutual inductance of the yin dot and yang dot using a penetrating, original and succinct graphical language. This, he believes, could offer an explanation to the objective state of nature, culture and civilization of the East and West, and the true meaning of life. It is an attempt to use an objective and natural method that he calls the Universal Language, which surpasses content such as the individual life and even the entire civilization of man. Using only the metaphysical moulds, he seeks to reach the ultimate or initial state that is classified as null, yet objective; cold, yet harboring the expansion rules; in pursuit of the origin of life.

Sun Yu-li’s thoughts on formal space and his switch from architect to sculptor are peculiar experiences. When a dot moves it form a line. When a line moves it form a plane. When a plane moves it form a three-dimensional space. The process is a perfect dynamic equilibrium. The touching moment is at the point of Genesis, when Yin dot meets the Yang dot, which creates an explosive force at that instant of collision. Art to him is just an embodiment of philosophical thoughts. The all-encompassing spirit of using the formal language to fuse the arts and sciences of the East and West contains vitality, heavenly principles and lofty ideals; revealing the sacred ground of Genesis which surpasses individual and group, natural and artificial, and stability. It can be said to permit the mind to expand infinitely and the spirit to speed across the universe. He strives to rely on this as a basis to dispel the ultimate concerns of modern man.

Looking at Sun Yu-li’s art, one can strongly sense the great wisdom of ancient Eastern philosophy, but also the simplicity and abstraction of formal language, which is truly a powerful form of conceptual art. Just like his thinking, clear-cut and to the point, which can quickly expel the confusion in the hustle and bustle of modern life to point out a clear path from obscurity, and from chaos to a systematic train of thought, he can also accurately capture the “pair of dot”, an ancient yet modern formal language, from numerous graphs, to encompass the massive and the minute. This perhaps is the most promising message that can be communicated throughout the Universe, and is an eternal existential form.

Thus, we can see that Sun Yu-li's art is completely different from those of other Western artists. It is like two parallel lines that can come infinitely close to each other, but never intersecting. In Sun Yu-li's works, one cannot find great suffering, anxiety, melancholy, and immeasurable joy that exist in other sculptures. He has already reduced love, relationship, holiness, and detachment to the minimum in order to reach the harmonious state of man and nature, and manifest Genesis at the meeting point of heaven and man.

May Sun Yu-li's art reaches eternal sublimation.

By Wang Maolin


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