Ancestory Roots

Lai Zhou, Shandong Province, China Late Nineteenth century.
We travel a hundred years back to the late nineteenth century, the scene, Northwest China. A humble seaside farming settlement on the southern side of the Bay of Jiao Zhou(膠州灣), this is MaChui(麻渠村), Ye Xian (掖縣)Shandong Province, the hometown of Sun Bao Shu (孫寶書- paternal grandfather's name and son of Sun Rui Lin 孫瑞麟).
It was around 1885, The young lad of 16/17 years, eager to eke a living, against the imperial decree of the Qing government that was facing challenges both on the home front and from the foreign powers, Sun Bao Shu like many other young men bravely sails across the waters of the Bohai Sea and arrives in the City of Da Lian. After a rough journey on the road which lasted months and after he finally reaches his destination, Vladivostok (海嵾威), an seaport in Siberia of Russia. Through honest hard work as a merchant, trading in building materials. Sun Bao Shu finally had acquired much wealth. It was the time that he decided to marry Yu (paternal grandmother) from his hometown and started a family. It was in 1910, Sun KweiChi (孫桂籍), the father of Sun Yu-li (孫宇立)was born in Vladivostok.
Bolshevik Revolution broke out in 1917, Russia was in turmoil. Meanwhile this was the time that opportunities abounded in Harbin, Manchuria where many Chinese capitalists had set up business in brewing, food and textiles. Now that his career had stabilized, in 1917 the couple with there two sons and a daughter, decided to move to Harbin. They bought a stretch of 3 story street fronting shop houses (with a common courtyard at the back) in the city center and settled into one of them.
It was a childless, affluent and friendly Russian couple, JiaJia and WaWa staying a few doors away from JuJu's house. WaWa liked the little toddler and always helped to take care of her when the mother tied up at home. It was an afternoon, JuJu was brought over and playing in the garden. All of a sudden, WaWa noticed JuJu was nowhere to be found, she went around frantically search for JuJu. In shock, she found the baby girl who had wandered and fallen into a tub of water. It was providence that JuJu was discovered in the nick of time as any later and the water would have drowned the girl who would later become the mother of Sun Yu-li.
JuJu was just only two years old when her mother Lee passed away due to a bout of unknown illness. After the funerary rites were completed, her father, Zhang Ri Gao (張日高)arranged for the coffin to be brought back to his hometown to be buried. He decided to accompany the months long journey himself. Who is going to look after JuJu? Sadly and reluctantly, he decided that it would be best that Juju be raised by the Russian couple who had their arms readily open and welcoming the new member to their family. A special bond had already formed between WaWa and JuJu ever since that fateful day when she saved JuJu from drowning.
聚聚 - 時代動亂的哀歌,全書预計於2015年8月出版。
The complete book JuJu will be launch in August 2015. Stay tuned.
方才(一九八五年六月)參加長孫兒元寧國中畢業典禮,從中山堂回來,心中充滿欣慰,但又很快被那惆悵茫寞的情緒所沖淡。歲月無情的流逝,不著痕跡,卻襲人歷歷,縈繞不去;同樣也是台灣六月末潮濕悶熱的天氣,雨季剛過,炎夏即臨,也是在中山堂, 我們祖孫三代興高采烈的參加了孫兒元寧由靜心幼稚園畢業典禮,祖父手牽孫兒滿臉「有孫萬事足」的得意笑容。猶記孫當時對我說:「……我們至少還要陪孫兒十年!」,那是一九七六年(民國六十五年)六月廿三日。言猶在耳,十天後,七月三日星期六上午桂籍應邀到木柵政大國際関係研究所參加專題「和平與社會主義」討論會,在起立發言時,心臟病猝發,二、三分鐘即與世長辭,沒有留下任何遺言,就匆匆離我們而去。事情發生得太突然,我和孩子們無法相信和承受眼前的殘酷事實。時光荏苒,到現在已整整九年。誰說過:「時間會醫治痛苦……,會把那些活生生美妙幸福的日子,無情的變成記憶,甚至再殘酷的使其沖淡、褪色、而遺忘……」。但,孫,這只是安慰人的話,你在我心目中的地位堅如磐石,無法稍移。這些年來,你並沒有離開我們,你隨時都在我身旁鼓勵支持我,讓我能堅強的支撐下來。不然,相繼而來的不幸,我又如何能煎熬過來。你去後,不數月你的胞妹,與我一起長大,情同姊妹的小姑桂雲因腸結核在香港病故。我們的長子宇同與你相隔一年半,也就是一九七八年一月五日因癲癇痼疾意外喪生。年老折翼又喪子,其悲痛刻骨銘心,難以承受!只有以宇同去陪伴你的想法聊以自慰。前四年,你在大陸濟南醫學院做眼科醫師的弟弟桂毓又因胰臟癌不治。去年(一九八四年十月廿九日)我最痛愛的同母大弟復成也因肝硬化而去。九年前,一九七六年七月三日星期六,農曆六月初七的那天,下著大雨,天空陰暗,早晨八時多國際関係研究所派車來接,你離家時一再囑咐中午宇立夫婦由大湖來,要我問清日麗喜歡吃福州菜還是西餐,全家再一起去聚餐,因為日麗即將離台返馬來西亞娘家。再也沒有想到你竟一去不返,永遠離開了我們!你出門前脫下搭在臥房椅背上的便服衣褲、皮帶等至今仍放在原處未曾挪動過,衣櫥內,你的西裝襯衫、領帶、內衣褲等仍原樣的掛、放著。飯桌旁你經常坐的位置,仍虛位以待,好像你馬上要回來和家人一起進餐,談笑風生,你常誇獎大媳婦秀珠,說她做的炸醬麫那裏都吃不到……。 我們是「青梅竹馬」的伴侶,相隨相伴五十四年;我們生活在一起的日子是有童年、青年、壯年、中年到老年。我們一起歡笑歌唱,一同悲痛流淚,經歷了多少苦難、戰火、離亂和掙扎、奮闘!我們是在艱難困苦中長大,與我們多難的國家同甘共苦...
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