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In October 2021, Sun Yu-li Art Studio moved to its current multi-storey warehouse building in Hillview with a 400sqm space.
In December 2006, as one of the founding members of Emily Hill, Mr Sun moved his studio to the beautiful site of 8,000sqm on the hill top next to Mt Emily Park, surrounded by lush greenery. The compound, consisting of a colonial bungalow, an adjoining workshop, and five 2 storey building blocks. Sun Yu-li Art Sutdio is located in the white colonial bungalow.
The first 8 photos are of the Hillview Studio while the remaining photos are of the Emily Hill Studio.

Sun Yu-li Art Studio

29 Hillview Terrace, #04-06, Hillview Warehouse
Singapore 669245
(65) 6336 7188
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