The Artist

Sun Yu-li is one of Singapore’s leading artist.
Sun's artistic pursuit of truth is through oriental and western reasoning in art. Sun is intrigued by the knowledge fields of topology, archaeology, metaphysics, linguistics and mathematics.
He is interested not in forms per se but in finding the form from which all forms originate. His creations are built upon this fundamental philosophy, resulting in a distinctive style and innovative technique.
Yu-li's art was the unintended consequence of his pursuit of the "truth". He has developed the “Universal Language” in search of the universal platform upon which all knowledge fields converge; a search for the original state of form. His art has simple shapes and forms, but there is deeper meaning behind. Using the Universal Language he has discovered, his creations begin with the dot, forming a line, then progressing to a plane, and finally into volume.
Sun gives back to community through charity efforts, educational outreach and advisory roles.
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